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We are now accepting deposits for our Spring 2024 Litters. Please keep in mind our Frenchies are sometimes reserved well before they are even born.
You can PayPal your deposit on the link below just clarify on the payment which breeding it is for and what sex or color.  Also please keep in mind we do require our puppy questionnaire to be filled out as well, which you can do on our Available's page.






We feel that quality & structure is very lacking in most

 of RARE Traits, like BIG Ropes, Fluffys and Velvets.

Keep in mind that our Isabellas are NOT related

to the Majority of the Isabellas in the world which is why we are proud to say that we consider them to be THE nicest quality structured Isabellas 😜

West Coast Rare French Bulldogs is extremely excited to announce these VERY exclusive breedings.

The Rarest Coloured Frenchie in the world


This extremely rare "TESTABLE BROWN GENE" was first discovered in Germany by another breeder in 2009, it is NOT a mix breed but a 100% pure bred French Bulldog.  This gene was bred in Europe and there the Isabella was born.
Our main priority is to breed for health and Structure first the icing on the cake has always been the rare DNA... Quality before color!!
Our Isabella litters are usually always reserved well before they are born there will be only a few offered to

"Well known Breeders only"








We feel that quality & structure is very lacking in most

📣 Amazing Announcement: Introducing West Coast Rare French Bulldogs Pink Program! 🐶🌸
Since we prioritize structure and health, we recognize the need for improvement in the Pink French Bulldog. That's why we have taken a groundbreaking step by combining our West Coast Rare Line with the most impeccably structured Pink Frenchie stud in the world, who possesses a one-of-a-kind DNA. 
Pink Charming is the first and only Pink Isabella & Caramel Tan Merle in the World.
🌟 The Perfect Combination: Structure, Health, and Rarity 🌟
This upcoming litter is a dream come true for breeders who aspire to establish a Pink Frenchie program with unparalleled health and structure. We are expecting a full litter of extraordinary Isabellas and Brown Chocolates, also known as "Rojo's." But that's not all – every single puppy from this litter will carry Fluffy and the coveted Pink gene!

💫 A Golden Ticket for Breeders 💫
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for breeders who are determined to produce the very best Pink French Bulldogs. With this litter, you hold a golden ticket to unlock the potential of creating exceptional Pink Frenchies with outstanding health, structure, and rarity. Don't miss out on this extraordinary chance!

🔒 Limited Obtainability 🔒
Due to the overwhelming demand and anticipation for this exceptional litter, we have decided to only accept four deposits at this time. We expect these spots to be filled quickly, even before pups are born. 
📞 Contact us today to reserve your spot and embark on a journey to produce the most remarkable Flawless Pink French Bulldogs the world has ever seen! 🌈🐾





 This Breeding is very special to my heart

as it is full of my Lines that I cherish 💜🙏

Lavender, G Money & Isabella Ibiza Lines.


We are expecting all colors...

Lilacs, Isabellas & Chocolates..

Some will be full Fluffys.


1st Pick Male is Reserved.

1st Pick Female is Reserved.


We are so so excited for this Breeding !

Both dogs carry 1 copy of Intensity so we will have those crazy bright red Tan points !

Shmoney is from Famous Show Lines from Our Cardi B and the Stud Don Yen well just look at him !

These 2 will make some of THE best Structured Fluffy BIG Ropes out there 😜 


1st Pick stays at West Coast Rare


We have been planning our Pink Program VERY carefully  We chose not to combine Big Rope with our Line we may choose to do that later on with our Keepers  I believe combining less Rare Traits at once is for the better health  Everyone has their own Vision and this is mine  My precious Lavender Line now combined with the Pink Gene ! We have produced Everything now from Fluffy, Merle, Isabella, Rojo, and Big Rope with my Lavender Line and its now time to take another step into the Pink 
Thank you once again SD Fluffys for another outstanding Collabo !
1st Pick Female of course will stay with us we will however accept 3 Breeders for this Exclusive wait list  


1st Pick stays at West Coast Rare


We are thrilled to announce another breeding taking place 
this week 
Expecting our 1st Husky Koi's !!
We should get Isabellas as well as Lilacs could be a Rainbow !

Don't forget those icy Blue eyes !!
Our goal is to produce a nice small built Husky Koi Frenchie that will also carry Pink & Fluffy 
I am very confident that is what we will get 
1st Pick stays at West Coast 
All other picks are Retainable !


1st Pick stays at West Coast Rare

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West Coast Rare Bulldogs - Vancouver BC Canada. Home of the rare Lilac, Blue and Chocolate and Cream French Bulldogs

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